With Halloween just around the corner and the cool weather switch already flipped, you’ll want to get moving on these ideas – YESTERDAY. Here are 10 ways to distance celebrate autumn and Halloween.

Lord knows, what’s going on today is unique to generations living today. That said, we still have traditions to uphold, for the sake of feeling like we have some control and out of our desire to tap into the things that bring us comfort. Safety for everyone must be at the forefront of anything that we do. So… we take a hybrid approach and get creative.

Here are some idea seeds to get you started with your autumn celebrations:

1. Costume Parade | Organize a neighborhood costume parade. Find out if there are any children who are unable to go outside that will want to see the parade. Plan and publish your route accordingly.


2. Packaged Activity | Package a craft or activity to give away. There are oodles of parents who would appreciate the creative distraction. (Those of you with a business should totally jump on this one.)

3. Haunted by Appointment | Produce an outdoor, no touch haunted house or trail, then provide an online link to sign up by appointment.

 4. Selfie Station | Create a no touch photo op in your front yard for families to stop by for selfies.

5. Share Your Fire | Invite neighbors over for a BYO everything fire pit. This one is super easy and can be done on the fly.


6. Treasure Hunt | Neighborhood treasure hunt complete with a patch for completion. This one is perfect for getting neighbors in on the fun.


7. Carnival | Organize a small scale neighborhood carnival. Set up a non-shared touch game in front of your houses and ask your neighbors to do the same. Use items that are plentiful and won’t harm the environment, such as acorns and leaves. The squirrels will be more than happy to help clean up.


8. Make a Zombie Run |  Place Zombies along a nearby walking trail. Just remember, communicate with your neighbors. You wouldn’t want to unnecessarily freak out the little ones.


9. Run Through a Cornfield | Take a drive out to the countryside and visit a corn field


10. Host a Food Truck | Saving the best for last…  Park a food truck in front of your house and invite the neighbors.










Remember to follow government health guidelines. In all of your activities, encourage people to keep distanced, sanitize, be safe and have fun!

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