Take a personal approach.

With so many real estate services and resources available online and in person, it’s hard to know which to use. 

Should I use a discounted buy/sell service? Do we need a specialized real estate agent? What about using an online service that will buy my property outright? Well, the answer is… That depends.

We have flipped the switch on service matching by recommending customized solutions.

Moving requires a personalized approach. With today’s technology, there’s no reason you can’t quickly analyze all of your options. Unlike services that are guided by profit first, our recommendations are based on your unique circumstances. We’re guided by what you feel is best for YOU!

We know your friend sells real estate, but are you limiting your options?

Life-align your new home with your personal ambitions by using our real estate alignment services and save thousands in energy, time, and money. The initial investment is your time. The payoff is a life enriched. You choose the tool – a free conversation, questionnaire, or both – whichever works best for you. Your friend will understand.



This will be the single best decision you’ve made toward your newly aligned lifestyle. I look forward to being your first guidepost.

Christina J. Chee

Lifestyle and Real Estate Consultant

Let’s begin by selecting one of the paths below.


I don’t have time for a questionnaire.

Let’s set up a meeting.

Reflection Exercise

Reflect upon my values and goals. They can help me align and realize my dream.

It’s Just Business

I only want to know if I should use an iBuyer, online service, real estate agent, etc…



Fine Print: Our referrals are not limited to any select group, creating a safe space to give you honest and unbiased recommendations. We are paid by those YOU choose to do business with.