Take a Trip Down Memory Lane Antique Shopping in Lucketts VA

Remember the old metal Care Bears lunch box that you used to bring to school? Or the hours spent drawing away on the Etch a Sketch? Take a trip down memory lane and flash back to the past as you stroll through artistic displays, seeing and touching items that you remember from a time that doesn’t seem so long ago. Remembering your past is just part of the journey while antique shopping in Lucketts, VA.

Take a trip down memory lane antique shopping in Lucketts VA

You will find exquisite furnishings, some finished or with great potential, awaiting your final touch. Take photos of ideas while you have the opportunity to feel and touch instead of just viewing online.

Make sure you check days and hours of operation before heading out. Some stores keep various hours and close by 4:00 pm. The ideal days for quiet exploration are Mondays and Wednesdays between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. If you don’t mind the occasional crowd, shops are open until 5:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Once you’ve finished shopping, get off your feet with a bite to eat at Roots. I promise you won’t regret topping off the day with this treat.

What: Antique Shopping and Home Decorating Ideas

Who: People who enjoy dreaming up crafty ideas and shoppers. If you really want to have time to look, don’t bring the little tykes.

Where: Lucketts, Virginia along James Monroe Hwy (Rte 15)

Why: Bring back memories as you find treasures from days past or gather great ideas for decor

When: Year round, but loveliest in the spring and fall

Cost: Gas, time, and anything you buy

Store Websites and Locations:
The Old Lucketts Store 42350 Lucketts Rd
Really Great Finds (Across the corner from The Old Lucketts Store)
Beekeeper’s Cottage 42350 Lucketts Rd (Next to The Old Lucketts Store)
On a Whim 14924 James Monroe Hwy (Look for the pink and black polk-a-dot silo)
Rust and Feathers (Next to On a Whim)


Christina Chee

by Christina Chee

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