Christina Chee

Lifestyle and Real Estate Consultant

Samson Properties | 14526 Lee Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151 | 703-378-8810 | Licensed in VA


The home you choose sets the stage for your life. It can energize your family, empower your ambitions and help create a happy, nurturing environment. Sure, it’s true that your next real estate transaction will be one of the most impactful financial decisions you will ever make. But what’s more important is how it will transform your family’s life. Christina Chee knows this well. A native of Southern California who relocated to Northern Virginia, she has bought and sold homes in two of the nation’s most competitive and fast-paced markets. Along the way, she learned the value of having a clear lifestyle vision, and of aligning that vision with the home. Northern Virginia has incredible offerings that include: hiking trails that are ideal for young families, public transportation and commuting options, self-contained communities, quaint, historical towns dotting colonial roads ready to be explored, and of course, breathtaking views from hillside wineries. It takes a navigator who knows the area well to help you strike the right balance towards fulfilling your vision. Upon moving to the area, Christina made it her mission to explore and continually grow her knowledge of Northern Virginia. She shares this knowledge with others through blogging, organizing community events and day trips, and through leading a Girl Scout troop (for which she is a 2019 recipient of the Jan Verhage Spirit of Leadership Award). From her experience with a Fortune 40 technology company managing finance operations to contracting as a government business systems analyst, no matter what capacity she was in, sharing information and helping others to align with their goals has always been a constant. Put her desire to work wholeheartedly, coupled with her strong creativity and problem-solving abilities, to work for you. With Christina and RE/MAX Gateway on your team, you’re well on your way to realizing your vision.